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Pavers Supply Company began operation in 1978. With a used batch type hot mix plant at the Conroe location, the company goal that year was simply to supply hot mix to a local contractor paving a new subdivision.

It did not take long to recognize the need to supply a variety of quality paving materials and aggregates. In 1980 the batch plant was replaced with a new, more productive drum mix plant. Facilities were designed and constructed in 1983 to allow unloading of aggregate from rail cars at the Conroe location. A second drum mix plant site at Huntsville, Texas came into operation in 1984. A third hot mix plant was added in 1990 in Montgomery, Texas.

To upgrade the Huntsville plant, a completely new counter flow hot mix plant was installed in 1997.

By the year 2000, it was time to upgrade the Conroe site again. A state of the art counter flow plant was built, coming on-line in June 2001. This upgrade included covered scale ticket areas with pneumatic ticket delivery, four truck lanes for fast hot mix load-out and a QCQA (quality control quality assurance) laboratory with up-to-date lab equipment.

Pavers Supply Company expanded its product blend when, in 2002, a concrete sand plant was placed in operation at a location on the San Jacinto River near The Woodlands, Texas. Ready mix concrete producers are the main customers of this plant; others include landscapers, contractors and the Pavers hot mix plants.

Pavers Supply Company strives to maintain a high standard of product quality and customer service. Today all plant sites have safe, easy access on major highways, long low-profile electronic truck scales and large scale-equipped front-end loaders for efficient truck load-out. Our plants are equally, if not more, productive than other producers in the region, thereby assuring our customers of a ready supply of materials for the most high production projects. Let us help you on your next project.


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